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LocalMediaBuying.com is the only hyperlocal digital ad platform for helping local businesses and national businesses that want to target local consumers. This will allow local and national businesses to efficiently and with measurable results reach ready to buy local audiences with highly targeted local focused web properties with high converting ad creatives.

What makes us different is that we improve the results of your digital marketing campaign by hyper targeting your marketing message by location, gender, age, and interests.

Our ad platform is made up of locally demographic highly trafficked web properties that will put your marketing message in-front of the consumers that are

How does our network benefit local publishers…..

  1. The ad units from our local network consist of local ads from local businesses or national businesses that have local stores that target your local traffic.
  2. We provide a better alternative to other monetization methods for your local website i.e. higher pay per click revenue and cpa revenue.
  3. We have our own community forum that is exclusive to our publishers with the focus of providing tested optimization and traffic driving strategies to help reach your web property income goals.
  4. We also provide high value monthly webinars given by our local marketing consultants that will almost ensure your success into monetizing your web properties.

How does our network benefit local businesses (advertisers)………

  1. Stop paying for traditional advertising methods that are not measurable and providing an effective return on your marketing budget
  2. Allows you to improve your lead generation efforts with our custom proven done for you sales and marketing funnel system
  3. Only pay for results. We don’t practice CPM marketing for our network. We believe your marketing money will be cost effective with CPC and CPA platform
  4. You keep the leads that your marketing campaign pulls in. Gone are the days were you are paying for expensive leads that you never had a chance to get because the lead has already been contacted by 5 other companies.  This only gives you a 20% chance of landing a lead, but you are paying 100% of your money.
  5. Results driven platform that is measurable. This means you know exactly what is working, what is not working, and where your money would be most effective.
  6. Better performing display ad network that yield better results than search. With higher CTR, lower CPC costs, and more targeted lead generation.
  7. Multiple fraud identification layers in place

How does our network benefit national businesses (advertisers)…….

  1. Combine television campaign with your digital campaign to get the best results.
  2. Highly target your local buyers based on what products sell best in a given geographic location.
  3. Increase revenue by segmenting promotions for online purchasing and in-store pick-up campaigns.
  4. Only pay for results. We don’t practice CPM marketing for our network. We believe your marketing money will be cost effective with CPC and CPA platform.
  5. Great for market research.
  6. We work great with your other marketing teams.
  7. Daily metric reporting, so you know exactly what ad creatives are performing best.
  8. We offer done for you services banner design, media buying consulting, landing page design, sales funnel creation.
  9. Multiple fraud identification layers in place