The Technology

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Our technology is continuously being enhanced based on the needs of both our advertisers and publishers. We are truly an local ad network that is there to provide results for the people that make up our network.

We built our local ad platform to do all of the heavy lifting with automatic A/B split testing, automatically removing poor performing campaigns out of rotation so that advertisers save money and publishers only show ads that converts well.

Automatic eCPM optimization so as a publisher you know that you are showing the best converting ads on your site.

Our platform technology was designed to help advertisers and publishers by the following:


  • Detects higher yields
  • Intelligent Optimization
  • Advanced Ad Targeting
  • PPC & CPA Advertising Campaigns
  • Intellient A&B Split Testing of Campaigns


  • Automatic Optimization
  • Next-Evolution Ad Targeting
  • PPC & CPA Ad Campaigns
  • Publisher Earning Optimizers
  • The Most Effective Ad Network with Intelligence

Our optimizing technology has been designed to provide publishers with the highest payouts while at the same time maximizing the ROI and decreasing costs of our advertisers. Take a look at the example below:


An advertiser sets a local campaign with a CPC budget of $0.10 and a CPA budget of $10.

There were a total of 150 clicks that resulted in 5 conversions for the campaign.

The cost to that advertiser would as little as $50.00 or as high as $64.50 depending on the number of clicks were from the publishers where the conversion s took place. Our network will buy back all clicks from the publisher (in the same month) where the conversions took place.

So, if all clicks happened where they later converted, only the 5 CPA bids will be applied, because all clicks or CPC for $0.10 were refunded.