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PPC Ad Network

Almost all PPC ad network providers track click through statistics. Go through your PPC Ads and narrow them down to the top five with the best click through rates. LocalMediaBuying.com PPC ad network places advertising images on highly targeted contextual website, these images can take the form of banners across the top of your website or column ads down the side.

As a publisher you get paid every time someone visits your website and clicks on one of the ads. The advertisers gets a conversion every time a visitor performs an action i.e. fill out a lead form, watch a video, or contact the business via phone.

Local Media Buying is a ppc ad network that is designed to be effective, affordable, and ready to provide targeted results. It is a part of Mogul Media Solutions, LLC that was started in 2009, from a single dream of helping local businesses thrive and strengthen their local communities to the online marketing company that is being labeled as one the fastest growing start-ups in the Southeast. We understand the vast opportunity and market of the internet, we just simply put systems in place to tame it which allows us to help small business owners with their online marketing needs to gather traffic.

Advertising your products and services via a PPC Ad Network is a cost effective way of advertising, where advertisers pay only for the legitimate clicks they receive. LocalMediaBuying.com smart ad technology has multiple layers of defenses to prevent fraudulent or abusive click patterns, and repeat clicks will not be charged to publisher accounts, thus saving advertisers budgets. Our goal is to provide Advertisers a marketplace where they can get the best traffic, at the best possible price.

Being a context sensitive PPC ad network, which means we serve relevant ads alongside highly targeted content that parallels your industry or niche. It seems a little similar to Google, huh? Well, our ad platform is a little similar but what makes LocalMediaBuying.com so different is that our target ads is based on the the most effective CPM of a particular ad campaign.  This means the ads are often much more relevant than those of Google Adwords, and so have higher click through rates. And that means more money for you as a publisher and/or advertiser.

If you have content based blog or website, then LocalMediaBuying.com PPC ad network is highly recommend for you. If you are looking for a cost effective way to generated exclusive targeted leads to your businesses products and services become a member of the LocalMediaBuying.com’s PPC Ad Network.


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PPC Ad Network

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