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Pay Per Call Marketing call tracking platform works with all marketing channels, whether online, offline or mobile.

Pay Per Call Marketing: Our Pay Per Call marketing program is perfect for local businesses. What makes us unique is that we have the ability to  handle all of the digital marketing to promote your campaign, but you only pay for qualified phone calls. What is more valuable to your business Pay Per Click, or Pay Per Call?

Our pay per call marketing system is a real-time tracked source of local lead generation for your company. Tracking qualified calls via our marketing system in real time offers the best possible return on your investment.

Don’t let your competition get a hold of this opportunity before you do, because with mass adoption of smart phones with local consumers  is leading to a huge rise in the demand for pay per call leads.  We educate our publisher’s to recognize this opportunity and get into the space sooner rather than later. Which all this just means is more calls  which means more business.

During our initial research of what we can do to expand our services that will truly benefit our clients allowed us to realize that local  businesses can benefit much more from prospects who are calling them rather than potential customers who are simply clicking a banner on a website or search engine.

Our very advanced pay per call platform is specially designed to help your customers contact you more easily, in a matter of minutes, right after they discover your business. We study your niche and find exactly where your potential customers can be found online, and then we redirect them to call you using our tracking numbers. Each qualified business lead is then forwarded to your company so you can make the most out of each potential customer and close the sale.

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Pay Per Call Marketing