Online Video Advertising

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Online Video advertising is a powerful way to increase brand awareness and recall. Video ad spending is enjoying a period of phenomenal growth that isn’t expected to peter out any time soon. By 2018, it’s estimated that the digital video advertising industry will double to more than $12 billion.

Online Video AdvertisingForrester predicts online video ad spending will hit nearly $4.6 billion in 2014 alone. Online video production is also expected to account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years, according to Borrell Associates. The Video ad server is VAST (IAB Digital Video Ad Serving Template) 2.0 compliant video adserver. After downloading VAST 2.0, you receive a green light for your video ads. Ad server supports both Linear Video Ads (“pre-rolls”, “post-rolls’) and Non-linear Video Ads (“overlays”). Overlay video ads include banners or text that is shown in the video frame and initiate another video or opening a website upon clicking on it.   The following types of ads are supported:

  • In-line video ads: A video appears before (pre), or after (post) the video stream with advertiser’s site opening.
  • Overlay video ads: An image, Flash (swf), text or HTML ad that appears on top of the main video stream and lead to the advertiser’s site.

Video ad formats:

  • Pre-roll (a video appears before the main video stream)
  • Post-roll (a video appears after the main video stream)
  • Overlay