22 September 2013
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Local Display Advertising

Local Display AdvertisingWith local online display advertising on the rise and expected to grow 18.2 percent this year to $3.4 billion 1 , advertisers are seeking ways to more effectively engage their target audiences quickly and efficiently on a local level. National and regional brands that are looking to advertise locally are increasingly seeking premium ad positioning for their campaigns near relevant content, with high quality publishers and media sites.

LocalMediaBuying.com is a leader in local display advertising that was developed to make local online advertising effective for local businesses. Through LocalMediaBuying.com smart technology, local business owners find that online display advertising can be an extremely effective way of promoting their businesses.

So, what exactly is local display advertising?

Display advertising is buying image ads, also known as banners, for placement on websites where you think potential customers may see them. We have developed local high trafficked web properties to ensure that your display ad budget is not being wasted by placing them in front of non-local consumers.

Our local targeting smart technology was designed to determine which websites your customers tend to frequent. One of the most popular methods for local display advertising is to run ads for your business on our network of brand discovery web properties and mobile apps.

As the online marketplace evolves and becomes increasingly competitive, the demand to deliver tangible value from online ad campaigns is growing. Local display advertising media buys are attractive as the risk of converting an impression to an action on the LocalMediaBuying.com network. The latter takes on responsibility for generating traffic and helping confirm that appropriate matches are made between buyer’s requirements and seller’s offerings in order to meet a predetermined performance goal.

Will the ads be equally effective in offline and online channels?  Business owners need to know if their ads are getting equally targeted to the right content, demographics, channels and parameters across channels. If, for instance, a TV buy is targeted against consumers between the ages 18 and 49 years, and an online buy is targeted against certain shows, then there needs to be a formula that helps quantify equally effective results to advertisers (across the audience of the TV shows and that of the online channel). When business owners pay for all channels as if they were equal, and a 30 second ad is found to be more valuable on one channel than another, then business owners need assurances that the relative pricing for the inventory in each channel is adjusted accordingly.

With LocalMediaBuying.com you don’t have this issue as we only focus on providing a tremendous ROI and get new eyeballs on your brand. We specialize in Local Marketing for local businesses. Marketing a local business online takes more than just building a website and waiting for people to find it.

Let us put you in-front of the customers that are looking for you. Click Here To Get Started Today!

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