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Local Online Advertising

Local online advertising is gaining in popularity among local merchants, and rightfully so. It can be very effective. But don’t forget that you can always run  group deals  and  daily deals  yourself. However, if you’re determined to spend some of your marketing budget on local online advertising, consider the strengths and weaknesses of the available platforms.

Local Online AdvertisingLocal online advertising through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are very common and can use targeted keywords by product or region to yield fairly positive results. YellowPages.ca (Canada) and  YellowPages.com  (U.S.) offer themselves up as alternatives to the major search engines; considering themselves ‘Find’ engines as customers that use them are typically Ready-to-Buy and know what they are looking for.

We have designed and position LocalMediaBuying.com as the ultimate alternative to major search engines. Our content rich local network of blogs offer content that attracts buyers who are seeking to make the final decision in their buying process.

Local online advertising is big business being targeted by large corporations that don’t truly understand the local market. They offer local advertising specials to small businesses with a legal guarantee. They guarantee you will be on the first page of Google in your town for vertical specific keywords within 60 -90 days or you don’t pay the monthly fees.

What local businesses need is more customers not first page rankings. Being on the first page is only part of the whole local online advertising puzzle.

Local online advertising is still a very small piece of the overall market and few tools exist to provide local businesses the ability to effectively purchase local impressions. Companies are increasingly focused on the local online market. Many experts agree that local online advertising is poised for impressive growth in the next few years as local businesses get access to better technology. Borrell Associates forecasts the local online advertising to grow nearly 18% in 2011, from $13.7 billion to $16.1 billion.

Local online advertising is a term that most local business are starting to get familiar with since 2012. Our Local Media Buying advertising network has continued to evolve to help local consumers find what they need locally, by way of local businesses. If you a consumer, needs plumber and you live in Houston, TX  then you don’t need a plumber in Maryland would they? Google (the biggest and most popular search engine on the planet) has changed so that now  local searches  are dominant. It was a brilliant move on their part and leveled the playing field for small and medium sized  businesses . You don’t have to have a huge budget like the major corporations do now.

LocalMediaBuying.com is developing a large network of local content publishers, and ads are distributed to viewers by their location. As the online advertising market continues to grow, it has become exceedingly important for us to offer a compelling, thorough marketing experience at the most affordable price possible that will give your business the most exposure in your local area.

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Local Online Advertising