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Local businesses have been the focus of local media for years. As local media struggles to provide results and the emergence of new technologies, hyperlocal online advertising platforms are becoming developing more effective ways to attract the Atlanta local customers, a lot cheaper and with better ROI, as well.

Hyperlocal online advertising gets your message directly engaged with the audience and builds real long term relationships, because it is built upon relevancy and value.

Simply put, local consumers are what drives the revenue of local business in every community. It is our goal to provide a better and more efficient way for local businesses to engage local consumers. We plan to accomplish this with our local content network.

Local online advertising is projected to grow 17.8% year-over-year to $15.9B in 2011, nearly 20% faster than overall online ad spend growth rate. These statistics are astonishing because proper local online marketing just works.

Our research has shown that majority of local businesses are getting it wrong when it comes to online marketing and content generation. So, they have to settle for their only alternative of online marketing to generate leads and that is websites like Service Magic, Angies List, Google Adwords, and Yellow Pages.

There are far too many horror stories about these services and how they make their money off of local businesses that are the heart and soul of the economy as a whole.

So, this is why we started LocalMediaBuying.com

LocalMediaBuying.com is the only hyperlocal ad network that has a group of local web properties that are driving highly targeted traffic to local businesses. What better way for local business to increase awareness to their products and services other than content generators that actually live and breathe the local areas where these businesses are located.

The audience is free to spend their money where and when they wish. If you have a niche website or community you can create a location into which perspective customers will gather. If you don’t have this then you will need to locate an audience in other ways.  However, even if you can locate the audience you then have to find ways to move with them and this leads us to engagement.

Did you know that 93% of all retail sales in the U.S. happen in brick-and-mortar stores, not on the Internet. The best part is that our online campaigns can drive offline sales by targeting specific areas or groups of consumers in and around retail outlets—sometimes convincing consumers to drive five or ten miles to a store by offering them localized content, contests or other incentives.

We look at ourselves as the underdog, but we strongly believe that our ad platform and the services that we will offer to the local business community will be well embraced. It really just comes down to proper education and results.

We know that business owners are very frustrated of the options that are available to them as it relate to online advertising, but the playing field just got interesting.

To find out more about to increase ROI while decreasing your local online advertising expenses in Atlanta, GA Metro Area check out our site at http://localmediabuying.com.

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